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New Posts
  • Sagar Gosavi
    Aug 9, 2018

    Canon's 1DX Mark II has got one of the most advance and sophisticated Autofocus systems in the Canon's line up. Looking at the fasted DSLR of Canon, the main expectations are about Autofocus Tracking. Here is the detailed document released by Canon which explains this state of art AF system of Canon 1Dx Mark II. Download it Here
  • Sagar Gosavi
    Oct 1, 2017

    GoPro has launched their brand new HERO6 Action Camera Ultra HD/4K Some of the Highlights - 1. 4k Video at 60fps 2. Slomo 120 fps in 2.7K resolution. 240fps in 1080p. 3. New GP1 processor. 4. Twice the image quality than Hero5. Is it worth ? Let's Find Out - I was One of the lucky ones to get the hands on this amazing new GoPro right on the day of the launch. Thanks to Fotocentre for sending me one of the 1st retails copies � � About the Camera. One word – AWESOME. I am using GroPros right from the 1st generation. Compared to Go Pro 5 – 1. Huge Improvement in Pixel to pixel sharpness and details. 2. Huge jump in terms of dynamic range. So clearly Its some new sensor inside. 3. With new GP1 chip, processing readouts and write speeds are faster. No lag. 4. Stabilization – This one thing has blown me completely. Stabilization is so effective that it feels like its on a gimbal. Super Steady footage. 5. SloMo – Its one of the best SloMo i have ever seen in action cams. 120fps in 2k looks minblowing in terms of details and smooth quality. 240 in 1080p will blow you out. It also offers 4k 60fps which is class leading specs for action cameras. 6. Digital zoom is something which is so useful where there is really a need to closedown on the things. Really handy. 7. New GP1 chip seems to be energy efficient as with the same battery, shootings times are euqal or slightly better than Hero5. 8. One thing is noticed about Audio quality recorded with Hero6, even peaks are very well equalised. 9. In Low light, its not a huge improvement but yes it is definitely better than Hero5. Cons - There are few things to note though – Stabilization does not work in 4k 60fps or in slomo like 240fs or 120 fps. I really couldn’t find any more cons as hero6 worked flawless out of the box. No hangs, No card issues. (hero5 had few issues initially) Did not get opportunity to go under water but i am sure it will excel there as well. So though outer body is exactly the same as Hero 5, underneath is a brand new sensor, brand new GP1 chip with far better image quality. I am sure you gonna love this new HERO and True HERO. Happy Shooting !! http://www.Sagargosavi.Photography
  • Raj G
    Sep 13, 2017