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Aug 29 2017 , 12:17 PM

Feedback on 2017 Snow Leopard Expedition

Never had to write a easier review. There are various aspects that one needs to look at while going on a Expedition such as this. While I had different set of plans for Kibber visit last year, it got cancelled in the end moment and I was dejected with the new development. That's when a friend of mine spoke to Sagar Gosavi who made a slot available and once again I was back on track. I was added to a whatsapp group with other enthusiasts and we were provided timely information on what to expect, what to carry, the itinerary etc. One of the biggest challenges with such expeditions in such extreme weather is to know what clothes and safety equipment that needs to be carried. Too many isn't a great idea considering how expensive the gear is and too less simply isn't an option. This is where Sagar's experience comes in handy. Sufficient details were provided which was a great help in arranging the prerequisites required for the trip. Next comes the price and what you get back in return. I had done a fair bit of enquiries before the travel and Sagar's quote was the best. However, there was no dearth in comfort. Best of vehicles, stay, food, Porter's to carry your luggage etc. was planned well in advance and the overall experience of the trip was excellent. Needless to say, you're traveling to one of the remotest areas of Himalays and the views of the landscapes that you get to see is breathtaking. Based on my discussions with Sagar, it's quite evident that he has enormous knowledge in photography and there is a lot to learn from him for amatuers and experienced alike. I wouldn't hesitate to give it a 5/5

Mr. Sridhar Nagaraj

Sagar is a beautiful human being mild in nature, since we, (means me Dr. Inderjit and Dr. Vivek Bannerjee), met him at Bharatpur , he taught us the real meaning of photography being a excellent teacher, with him we have remembrances of life. He pruned the passion we three idiots had for photography and taught us patience and skill.

Dr. Kuldip Jaiswal

Sagar is a teacher, mentor and a friend of mine. He is no doubt one of the ace photographers of the country. I met him in couple of photo tours in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and Mumbai as well. 🙂
I must say, very down to earth personality yet professional and focussed on work. His work speaks for his proficiency. I wish him all the best for new endeavours and looking forward to join him very soon on some photo tour.

Mr. Achin Gupta

My first meeting with Sagar, was on my first photography trip to Mishmi, Arunachal Pradesh in 2014. A friend of mine, Rittwick Barman introduced me to him. Rittwick met him in his earlier trip to kutch and befriend him. Thus began our numerous trips with Sagar, he mentoring us and giving us a wonderful insight to nature photography, correcting our mistakes, teaching the technicalities of a camera and photography, arranging our trip and making a smooth itenary. A lovable person and an avid nature lover with deep respect for what mother nature has to offer in our lives. Him as a mentor, my photography skills have improved to such an extent, making me capable of puting up my photographs for exhibitions, participations in various salons etc. If asked me about him, well definitely, ‘He can be Trusted without a string of doubt, that you will want him to be around in your trips’.

Dr. Henry Nongrum

I met Sagar at a Photography workshop in my office in 2014. At the time, I had absolutely no idea on what a DSLR can do, nor had i ever been to any wildlife sanctuary. He invited me to one of his workshops and photo walks and for the first time I was exposed to the world of photography and wildlife. I have been traveling with Sagar ever since on most of his Photo tours across India. What makes Sagar unique is,
1. His in-depth knowledge on the subject which is a clear reflection of his passion for photography
2. His ability to handle participants of different experience levels
It is a treat to watch Sagar in action in the field. His knowledge not only about the equipment, but also of the forests we visit or the subjects we shoot is par excellence.
He has always been a great guide in the field and will always give useful tips on shooting. Post his classroom teaching, he helps participants with applying the same concepts in the field. Every Safari trip with Sagar is a memory to cherish and after every trip we leave not only with a lot of photographs, but also with a lot of experiences we will always cherish. Above all, his “down to earth” and humble nature makes him a great teacher and an equally good friend. I wish him all the very best in all his endeavours!

Mr. Rahul Sanap

Sagar Gosavi, besides being an ace photographer and great teacher, is a wonderful human being. I enjoyed all my photography tours with him.

Dr. Vivek Banerjee

Sagar is savvy wildlife photographer and guide. He is courteous and provides valuable tips on the tour and makes sure that his group is well taken care of. He is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about his work and is a treasure of knowledge on both wildlife and Photography.

Mr. Vinod Kapse

Sagar Gosavi is a ace wild life photographer. Apart from his excellent knowledge in technical aspect of photography has great knowledge of birding. He has passion for excellence & i have personally experienced his organising skills as a tour operator. He is a Team leader & mentors his team members. He has also the knack to be on top of any situation during the tour he manages.

Mr. Sanjeev Iddalgi

Going on a wildlife tour with Sir Sagar Gosavi is much more than a tour. He is a great teacher & a wonderful companion on field. The way he takes care of every thing & every individual on a tour is amazing. I even went with Sagar with my family & enjoyed a lot. .Whatever I have learnt about photography is from Sir Sagar Gosavi & I am proud to be his student…

Dr. Inderjit Singh

Sagar Gosavi is you best companion when it comes to Nature. While on the any photographic tour with Sagar he gives us the excellent level of knowledge to improve our photographic skills. He is not only a very good wildlife photographer but also he is an excellent mentor and a wonderful person to be with. Thanks Sagar for being with us.

Mr. Manoj Singh

Not sure from where to begin as I can write thesis about this personality not because would like to test my writing skills but because of him being a fantastic personality. But I would try and make it short and crisp. Got introduced to him in 2007 and since then it is no looking back – the bond has been stronger with time.
With person whose character I could be described to with heaps of positive adjectives like dependable, go-getter, reliable, perfectionist, kind, humble, hardworking, knowledgeable on the subject matter, very very emotional personality and it goes on. Yes, proud to claim him to be a “brother from another mother” and my guide, philosopher and teacher in the field of wildlife and photography. Thankful for him for what I am in the field of photography and can boast that I am his first student.
His knowledge on wildlife and animal behavior has not come in overnight but has lived his passion battling against all the odds over the years. His love for Mother Nature could be reflected when you interact with him on the field. His command over the technicalities of the equipments used for photography is commendable. Moreover to complement to his fabulous command over wildlife and photography, he too is an excellent teacher and believes in parting knowledge to ensure that wildlife enthusiastic population of the existing and future generation would get the most of the knowledge in order to safeguard Mother Nature.
Yes in short a thorough gentleman who goes all the way to help someone who is a keen learner and charms anybody with his lovely nature.
I, from the bottom of my heart, congratulate him for the new phase of his life – Sagargosavi.Photography and I am super confident that it shall be a huge success.. Not only because of his exceptional hands on knowhow over the subject but because of support from family, friends and numerous well wishers all across.. Stay Blessed and be the same always!!!

Mr. Yogesh Rane

Life makes sure that people get what they deserve, albeit late but it makes sure that you get it.
Once such thing happened that made this man come here and do something of his own.
Sagar Gosavi is extremely talented, matured and seasoned player in the field of wildlife photography. Photography is a outcome, but as a wildlifer what important is to understand the wildlife, animal behaviour, species identification & its nuances, and he is master in that. I have seen or rather have come across people who with high end cameras and lenses get crisp sharp, DOF, images, but they lack in understanding the wildlife. This is what differentiates Sagar from rest of the world.
Very down to earth humble brother of mine who never hesitates to share and teach people.
I am sure people who will attend his workshops and OTT experience will get best of the nature to be witnessed.

Love you bro…Regards, Nitin Joshi

Mr. Nitin Joshi

Sagar is a great wild life photographer; more than words his photographs reveal this fact.
He is a true nature lover who always loves to be in nature. His knowledge and passion about photography, nature and wildlife is awesome. His expertise in birds is really amazing. While in tour he provides lot of information about photography techniques and clears doubts immediately. His passion about his profession is always at top level.
He is a true leader who guides his team and gives important knowledge time to time. His involvement and interaction helps to build the cohesive group during the journey and always stay connected. His rich experience always helps the team to gain valuable knowledge about photography and wildlife, due to which one starts loving mother nature.
His selection of hotels and resorts gives us grand experience.

Mr. Sameer Jaywant

Thank You !!

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