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“The word Inspiration takes its true meaning only when passed on. 

Let Mother Nature be your Inspiration”.


Sagar Gosavi.

Vision –

After 16 years of field experience photographing natural history from all corners of india, we have taken this initiative to share whatever knowledge and experience we could gather from the field of Photography and Nature & Wildlife. 

Around 200 Photo tours and Expeditions led successfully, right from Himalayas to the Western ghats and from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh. Mentored around more than 500 individual photographers in the field of Nature Photography. Representing the brand which has redefined “Photography” and taken it to the next level, Canon. More than 100 photography workshops done with Canon. It was a great feeling to work as a Brand Ambassador and PhotoMentor with Canon India.

“Mentor isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of his/her best in order to discover what he/she already knows.

Let Mother Nature be your teacher and you will never go wrong. “

Learn – 

Workshops designed right from the bascis of digital photography to advanced and very advanced level which will definitely help individuals to grow as a photographer and will help them to take their photography to the next level. When it comes to photography, once you are familiar with the basic concepts, and knowledge, then its time to go out in the field. Our Photo tours and photo expeditions are very meticulously planned so that one gets thorough knowledge of practicalities involved in various genres of photography in the field and developing the sound technique to shoot even the most challenging subjects in the most challenging situations. We have conducted more than 200 workshops which includes, basic , advanced, nature photography workshops, Bird Photography, Street Photography Workshops, Portrait Photography Workshops for individuals, groups, schools and corporates. Schools include Reliance international School, Ryan International School, Saraswati Secondary School etc. Corporates include Vodafone India, TCS, IBM, Glenmark, Mahindra&Mahindra, Aker’s Solution etc. 

Explore – 

Very effectively designed Photo tours and expeditions where one can not only learn but also can explore the wonders of Nature at ease and with a proper guidance. Our Expertise in the field will make sure that you Explore the every aspect of Mother Nature. Right from the ground staff to expert Safari Drivers to expert guides and tour leaders are amongst the best to help you Explore to the best. Our Mentors & Escorts have an comprehensive experience of more than 12 years in leading Photo tours in various wildernesses. Not only mentoring in the field or ethical field practices our Mentors and ground team also takes care of the comfort factor of the itineraries. This makes SGP's photo tour favorite among the age group right from aspiring young students to senior most group who wish to take up nature photography after the retirement. 

Experience – 

When you are right in laps of nature, the most important thing apart from all the learning and exploring is the Experience. Over the Top Expeditions and our Photo tours are meant to give such an experience that one will feel in the arms of Nature. Experience which will will be treasured for the lifetime. 

In Nature Photography, It is so very important to understand and connect with Nature, the birds, the animals, the forest when trying to photograph them. One needs to develop a special bond with them in order to experience to feel “In the Arms Of Nature”. 

That developing the bond is an art, rest all is technology.

Embrace the mother Nature with true and loving heart,She will then unfold her mystic beauties right in front of you. SGP's trademark OverTheTop Expeditions are designed to give photographers a best experience in some of the untouched and unknown wildernesses. Be it a rain forest or Himalayas, OverTheTop Expeditions are UP and ABOVE. 


Join me on my journeys and Experience the Enigma… !!


Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra,
India. Thane - 400602
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Sagar Gosavi

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"A Moment, however small, Defines an Expression.."

Yogesh Rane

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"Let Mother Nature be your Teacher.."

Debashish Mishra

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"Nature is my Passion.."

Nitin Joshi

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"Photographs are
photographer's viewfinder to nature"..

Mr. Sameer Jaywant

Dr. Vivek Banerjee

Mr. Vinod Kapse

Dr. Henry Nongrum

Dr. Henry Nongrum

Don't Take our word for it !!

Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Thane - 400602

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