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With Years of Experience in the Field of Guided Photo Tours,

We Continue our Endeavour to Provide 

"THE BEST" of the Services in the Wild.


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Mara Migrations

10th -16th Aug 2020 


Meticulously Planned Drives with on-field / Off the field Photography Assistance

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Luxury in the Wild,

Camp Mara Olapa

The Camp Mara Olapa, situated in the old mara plains of Mara Triangle is located right in the middle of the action area. So you will be the 1st ones to reach the action. This small boutique camp with well placed 6 luxurious and spacious tents overlooks the vast plains of Mara. The Camp is completely eco-friendly and runs completely on solar power, leaving minimum impact on nature. 

The trained chef David makes sure that you enjoy all your meals to the best. Wake up to the roar of the resident pride of Lions in the morning or encounter a resident Leopard visiting the camp while enjoying the campfire under the stars, sounds as exciting as experiencing it. 

The warmth of the entire staff of Mara Olapa will make you remember your stay here for the rest of your life. 

With our Expert team of guides and drivers, Specially Modified Land Cruisers along with the field assistance by SGP's Tour Leader, Wildlife Photography Expert and Mentor Mr. Sagar Gosavi, we have tailored made the most cost effective African Safaris for Photographers to be able to make some of the most compelling images from the magical land of African Savannahs.